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Cambridge Weddings | 2018 Highlights

Cambridge Weddings | Documentary Wedding Photography

Where I visited in 2018

What amazing year 2018 was for Cambridge weddings! So many different weddings and lovely couples. I worked at so many beautiful venues including Anstey Hall, Chippenham Park and many Cambridge University Colleges.  The colleges included Jesus, Magdalene, Emmanuel, St Johns, Trinity and St Catherine’s.  Furthermore I also photographed many scenic weddings at farms and barns. I loved enjoyed visiting the Newmarket race course and the famous Jockey Club Rooms.

I regularly photograph Cambridge weddings but in 2018, I also visited Tissington Hall in Derbyshire and I also headed down to Hitchin to capture a Sikh wedding.

Destination wedding!

It was also amazing to capture a wedding at The Hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I’m happy to travel around the country (and Europe) for my work. I really enjoy working in new places which bring me new inspiration. I have worked at many of the Cambridge University colleges and looking forward to exploring a few more in 2019. Carrying out a destination wedding shoot was an incredible experience and I hope to photograph more weddings abroad in the future.

Documentary Photography Style

The year 2018 was a great year where I continued to evolve my photography style. I have been working towards an even more documentary approach which means capturing more moments and the essence of wedding days.  My aim was for couples to view their galleries and feel all of those same emotions of their special day all over again.

Less staged photos!

Furthermore, I love creating imagery which uses the environment and sets the scene to tell the story of the day. While I enjoy carrying out a few directed “arty” portraits and groups photos, I want to photograph the majority of the day in a non-obtrusive documentary style, capturing authenticity. Which means no “staged” documentary photos, just capturing what happens in front of my camera.

Special moments during the day

I really enjoy capturing all the little looks between wedding couples during the ceremony, the brilliant reactions from parents during this time along with the fun and happiness during the wedding speeches. Also not forgetting all the joy of throwing the bouquet and the dance floor fun! I’m always looking to move my photography forwards.

2018 was an award winning year!

I was so happy to win three wedding photography awards in 2018, two from “Wedisson” and one from “Masters of Wedding Photography”. I really like to enter award competitions, to ensure I’m always challenging myself to create interesting photos. I’m a member of “This Is Reportage” which celebrates documentary wedding photography – nothing posed just real moments.It was so difficult to choose images (from the many thousands) for this blog as there were so many magical moments and lovely portraits.

Variety of weddings in 2018

I photographed weddings through all of the seasons. These included candle lit winter weddings, pretty colourful spring weddings, bright sunny summer weddings, rainy summer weddings and autumnal weddings with beautiful golden light! I loved photographing in the bright sunshine of course. The Cambridge University buildings looked beautiful with all the architecture carved out with the amazing light. The farm weddings in fen lands provided wonderful sunsets. The light in Croatia was especially amazing!

Rainy weddings created opportunities!

The rainy wedding days were also really interesting and my blog is peppered with pictures which include umbrellas in the scene. These were great weddings for thinking creatively and one of my favourite umbrella images won a ‘Masters of Wedding Photography’ award. I love capturing moments in colour. I love to keep the colours in my photos vibrant but also love the look and feel of moody black and white photos.

Lovely client feedback!

I was so pleased to receive so many lovely emails and cards from the couples who loved how I captured their day and they said they were so glad they picked me as their photographer. This makes my job so rewarding, knowing that their happy memories have been preserved forever.

Thank you to all you amazing couples and I wish you all the BEST for the future xx

I hope you enjoy looking through this collection of highlights from my mostly Cambridge weddings in 2018. These images were captured using my relaxed documentary photography style. If you are getting married in 2019 or 2020 would like to find out more information please feel free to contact me.



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