Ely Cathedral at Sunset at a water reservoir

Cambridgeshire fens photography | Ely, Cambridgeshire

Ely cathedral at sunset and a clouds at sunrise along a river

Cambridgeshire photographer | Ely, Cambridgeshire

Daily walks

Hi!  I’m Lucy and I work as a professional Cambridgeshire photographer. I’m based in Ely, but I usually (out of lockdown) travel all over the country for the photography work I do. Like many others in Cambridgeshire, amid the gloom of the UK lockdown(s), I found solace during daily walks in the Cambridgeshire fens. I originally began photographing nature to help me through a time where I could not do the wedding photography I love. I found there was a giant-sized void in my life, which needed to be filled with more creative work.  Also, with all the sadness of the pandemic, country photo walks were a welcome escape.

The beauty of the Cambridgeshire fens.

With travel being restricted the fens could be my only subject. Some say the fenlands are feature less. It is true there are no hills, waterfalls and mountains. However, there is the majestic Ely Cathedral and beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the horizon. There is an ever-changing expansive sky and with every type of a weather, changing light and colour. Furthermore, there is much wildlife to add the finishing touch to each scenic picture, and there are the phases of the moon to look forward to.

Cambridgeshire nature photography

I have become so deeply appreciative of the beauty of nature in the Cambridgeshire fenlands, that I plan to include this type of imagery in my regular photography work. I look forward to traveling further afield such as places like Wells by the Sea , Old Hunstanton, or I might take a trip in to London or fly to the Isle of skye.   However, since I am a photographer based in Cambridgeshire the fens will always have a special place in my heart. Here are a few of my favourite pictures from my tranquil walks in the Cambridgeshire fens.

Cambridgeshire Photo Prints

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