Engaged couple in Ely captured by an Ely Photographer. Couple in front of brown gates.

Ely Photographer | Ely Engagement Shoot

Ely Photographer | Ely Engagement Shoot | Ely Cathedral

Engagement Photography in Ely for Jane and Rin

I’m an Ely Photographer and in June 2017 and I met Jane and Rin in Ely for their engagement shoot. It was a wonderfully sunny day and I was excited for the shoot. As I’m local, the location is very familiar to me and I knew it would look really pretty with all the lush greenery.  We walked by Ely Cathedral and through Cherry Hill Park. It was great that the couple opted for Ely to be the location for their engagement shoot.   It so very pretty by Ely Cathedral.  I don’t always carry out these engagement shoots in Ely.  I regularly travel into Cambridge for these shoots.  I like to leave the location choice up to the couple and I’m quite happy to carry out engagement shoots in around the Cambridge area.

Why have an engagement shoot?

It was really great that Jane and Rin had an engagement shoot, as this allowed us to chat about their wedding day preparations and to get to know them a little better. Also it was a great chance for Jane and Rin to get used being photographed. It’s not very often we hire a professional photographer to capture portraits and as a results it can feel quite strange at first. I really hope that couples who opt for an engagement shoot become more confident and relaxed about being photographed on their wedding day. You can see Jane and Rin’s wedding shoot here.

My approach to the portrait shoot.

We walked through Cherry Hill Park in Ely, making use of the beautiful trees and greenery. We also walked around the back of Ely Cathedral, where there were lovely stone walls. My photography approach is very relaxed as I prefer to capture natural portrait photos. I chat with you throughout the whole process do it’s doesn’t feel too much like a “photo-shoot” but more like you are out for a walk with a friend. I have lived in Ely for over 10 years and really enjoy being an Ely Photographer. I know the area really well and know of some really great locations for pictures. These are my favourite pictures of the shoot.



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